Ambassador Haley on the Persecution of Catholic Bishops in Venezuela

As conditions in Venezuela continue to deteriorate, President Maduro has ordered the investigation of two Catholic bishops for criticizing the country’s food shortages, characterizing the Catholic Church of Venezuela as full of “evil, poison, hatred, perversion, and slander.” The regime stated that the bishops might be guilty of “hate crimes” under a new law passed by the sham Constituent Assembly for calling for an end to hunger and corruption in their sermons.

“Maduro’s reign of violence, repression, corruption, and ‎bankruptcy continues to punish the Venezuelan people. By targeting religious leaders – who promote peace and provide hope for believers – the regime continues to show that it cares only for preserving its own power and cares nothing about the basic human rights and welfare of its citizens. We continue to stand strongly with the Venezuelan people in their battle to restore their democracy in the face of a brutal dictator,” said Ambassador Haley.‎