Country Reports on Terrorism 2017

This report provides the Department of State’s annual, statutorily mandated assessment of trends and events in international terrorism that transpired in 2017, including country-by-country breakdowns of foreign government counterterrorism cooperation, and profiles of designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Country Reports on Terrorism 2017 is submitted in compliance with Title 22 of the United States Code, Section 2656f (the “Act”), which requires the Department of State to provide to Congress a full and complete annual report on terrorism for those countries and groups meeting the criteria of the Act

Beginning with the report for 2004, it replaced the previously published Patterns of Global Terrorism.


Chapter 1. Country Reports: Africa
Chapter 1. Country Reports: East Asia and Pacific
Chapter 1. Country Reports: Europe
Chapter 1. Country Reports: Middle East and North Africa
Chapter 1. Country Reports: South and Central Asia
Chapter 1. Country Reports: Western Hemisphere
Chapter 2: State Sponsors of Terrorism
Chapter 3: The Global Challenge of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear (CBRN) Terrorism
Chapter 4: Terrorist Safe Havens (Update to 7120 Report)
Chapter 5. Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Chapter 6. Legislative Requirements and Key Terms

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