American Academy of Science and Technology

In September 2005, the American Academy of Science and Technology in Santiago, Chile opened its doors to the public. This center, a joint initiative between the United States Embassy and the University of Talca, serves as a conduit for the sharing of scientific and technological information between U.S. and Chilean researchers, and as a meeting point and conference venue for visiting scientists.  Through the Academy, the United States hopes to help researchers from both countries identify opportunities for new U.S.-Chilean partnerships to augment our strong bond of cooperation in science and technology.

Available to U.S. government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and U.S. universities, the Academy is located within fifteen minutes of the United States Embassy and offers, at no cost, excellent facilities for conferences, seminars, small workshops, dvcs, and one-on-one private meetings.  The coordinator of the Academy can provide any assistance required in setting up events as well as identifying Chilean institutions or contacts of interest to universities and agencies in the U.S.

Contact Information

American Academy of Science and Technology
University of Talca, Santiago Campus
Quebec 415, Providencia – Santiago, Chile

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