Investment Climate Statements 2018

The U.S. Department of State’s Investment Climate Statements provide country-specific information on the business climates of more than 170 countries and are prepared by economic officers stationed in embassies and posts around the world. They analyze a variety of economies that are or could be markets for U.S. businesses of all sizes.

Topics include Openness to Investment, Legal and Regulatory systems, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Rights, Transparency, Performance Requirements, State-Owned Enterprises, Responsible Business Conduct, and Corruption.

While there are examples of countries taking steps to make it easier to do business, the reports highlight that a large number of barriers to business activity still exist.

There are select examples of economies expanding openness to investment, improving transparency, and helping new businesses open. This likely reflects an acknowledgment by those economies of the vital role the private sector can play in economic competitiveness and growth.

On the other hand, the reports highlight a variety of challenges and barriers, such as local content requirements, lack of adequate transparency, problems with corruption, and sectors closed to foreign businesses.

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