Message for U.S. Citizens- Day of the Young Combatant

Message for U.S. Citizens- March 22, 2017

The U.S. Embassy advises U.S. citizens traveling and residing in Chile that potentially violent disturbances are probable in Santiago and possibly Valparaiso in connection with the anniversary of the Day of the Young Combatant (Día del Joven Combatiente) on Wednesday, March 29.  This day commemorates the deaths of the brothers Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo on March 29, 1985.  Disturbances could begin in the days leading up to March 29.

Historically this day has been marked by incidents of violence, including the burning of buses and throwing of rocks and bricks at bystanders and vehicles.  In previous years, police officers have been killed.  Incidents have occurred in downtown Santiago, specifically on Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins and Avenida Americo Vespucio as well as in the vicinities of Universidad Pedagogico de Macul, Villa Francia, Estacion Central, Cerro Navia, Puente Alto, and La Legua.  We recommend avoiding these areas on March 29, as well as outlying parts of Santiago and Playa Ancha, Via Espana, and the outskirts of Valparaiso, particularly at night.  There will be a large increase in Carabineros posted throughout Santiago.  In previous years, Santiago residents have been advised to keep flashlights and candles nearby in case electrical transformers are damaged by vandalism.

The area around Nido de Aguilas school has, in previous years, seen rocks and other objects thrown near the front gates of the school.  However, no disruption in classes or services is expected.  The school will operate normally unless prompted to change by the events of the day.

You should monitor the media for the latest information on demonstration locations, stay alert to your surroundings, and avoid any large crowds or demonstrations.