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Ambassador Hammer visits Mamalluca Observatory

During his visit to the IV Region, Ambassador Michael Hammer had the opportunity to visit the Mamalluca Observatory and the new dome that was installed last year after an agreement between the Academy of the Air Force from the United States, SOARD in Chile, and the Department of Physics of the University of La Serena. The ...
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Ask the consul

If you have doubts on how to apply to the Visa Waiver Program, we invite you to leave your concerns. You can do it through our Facebook or Twitter account @embajadaeeuucl. Next Thursday 19th we will answer your questions.
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U.S. Journalist and Speaker Janine Warner Visits Chile

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, in collaboration with Universidad Mayor, brought U.S. speaker Janine Warner to Chile for a four day program highlighting the intersection of journalism and new technology. Ms. Warner discussed the use of drones, bots and other new technologies in journalism, as well as the ethical challenges ...
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