On the Occasion of World Refugee Day 2023

Today, we recognize the courage and resilience of millions of refugees who have been forced to flee persecution, the generosity of the communities that host them, and the global response of humanitarian partners that support them.

The United States has welcomed more than 3.5 million refugees for permanent resettlement since 1975 as part of a longstanding tradition of generosity that saves lives and contributes to the vibrant fabric of communities across the United States.  Refugees have made significant positive political, social, and economic contributions to the United States and communities around the world throughout our history.  Recognizing these contributions, the United States is rebuilding and modernizing its refugee resettlement program.  This year, we proudly announced the Welcome Corps, a new private sponsorship program and the boldest innovation in our refugee admissions program in more than four decades that enables Americans to sponsor refugees arriving through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

The United States continues to promote a coordinated global response to humanitarian crises and encourages responsibility sharing with other governments, organizations, and companies to help meet immediate humanitarian needs so that refugees can live with hope and dignity.  No single country can respond alone, and no country is untouched by the impacts of forced displacement.