2017 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund

2017 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund The State Department created the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) in 2011 to support alumni initiatives that promote shared values and innovative solutions to global challenges. The competition provides small grants to teams of past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs to carry out public service projects utilizing the skills and knowledge they gained during their exchange experiences.

Since its inception, AEIF has supported more than 300 alumni-led initiatives around the world and reached millions of people both directly and indirectly through trainings, awareness campaigns, and leadership and empowerment initiatives. In 2016, 61 grants of up $25,000 were awarded to alumni teams worldwide to support their public service projects.

Requirements for participation in AEIF

  • Alumni must be verified members of the International Exchange Alumni (IEA) global online community and form teams of at least three (3) IEA community members (this number includes the team leader).
  • Alumni who are U.S. citizens may not submit proposals, however, they may participate as team members in a project.
  • All project activities and initiatives must take place outside of the United States.
  • Proposed projects must address one of the five AEIF themes below.

Log in to check out the updated AEIF Helpdesk and get a sneak peek of the AEIF proposal and budget forms. You can also view Commonly Asked Questions sample proposals, sample budgets, and guides to help build your project.

2017 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund Timeline

  • Thursday, March 2: The AEIF competition begins at 12:00 pm noon ET (U.S. Eastern Time). Alumni may start submitting proposals and budgets.
  • Thursday, March 30: Deadline for AEIF Proposals and Budget Forms is 12:00 pm noon ET (U.S. Eastern Time). This is the final and only deadline, so make sure you get your three team members and submit your final projects in before the deadline, no exceptions.
  • July: AEIF 2017 Winning Projects Announced!

What is new with AEIF in 2017?

Team Exchange Alumni made several enhancements to AEIF to make the competition a smoother process.

  • This year, the AEIF proposal form will be hosted on a third-party platform, FluidReview.
  • To participate in AEIF, you must log into the International Exchange Alumni site (IEA), then go to alumni.state.gov/aeif, and click on the “Apply for AEIF” button. This will take you to the designated AEIF application on FluidReview where you may begin the proposal form. Only by signing into IEA and navigating to the new platform will you be able to successfully participate in the AEIF competition and submit your proposal and budget. We will not accept proposals and budgets sent via email.
  • Unlike in previous AEIF competitions, you can only see the proposal that you submit. Other IEA members (including team members on your project) are unable to see your project on the FluidReview site unless you send them a file of your project.
  • In order to successfully submit your proposals, you must fill out the entire online form and attach the budget. Once submitted, you may no longer make changes to the form.
    Winners will be announced later than in previous years. After the submission deadline (March 30), all eligible proposals will be reviewed and evaluated and projects selected for funding will be announced in July.
  • AEIF teams must include at least three alumni who are registered on the IEA website. This number includes the team leader.

The following themes were selected for AEIF 2017:

  • Business Development and Economic Opportunity
  • Civic Participation: Building Resilient Communities
  • Cooperation in Science, Technology, Health and Energy
  • Education and Inclusion: Pathways to Success
  • Empowerment of Women and Girls

View theme definitions in our 2017 AEIF Help Desk.

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