Readout of Vice President Biden’s Telephone Call

The Vice President spoke with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet today by telephone to discuss a range of regional and global challenges. The two leaders discussed the global refugee crisis and agreed to strengthen cooperation to expand paths to protection for refugees and other vulnerable individuals.  The Vice President welcomed Chile’s continuing commitment to the Colombian peace process and the two leaders pledged to deepen their collaboration as the peace process reaches its conclusion, in concert with their Colombian partners.

The Vice President also highlighted the robust support of the U.S. Congress for the implementation of a Colombian peace deal. The two leaders noted the continued progress in the Northern Triangle countries of Central America and the opportunities to build a broader coalition of stakeholders to support the region’s advancement. The Vice President welcomed Chile’s constructive role in advancing democracy and human rights throughout the Americas and the two leaders reasserted their commitment to working towards a hemisphere that is prosperous, stable, and secure.