Secretary Tillerson Remarks on World Refugee Day

On World Refugee Day, we recognize the plight of those forced by persecution and war to flee their home countries. We also recognize the pressing challenges posed by ongoing refugee crises. Today, refugees number more than 22 million around the world.

The overwhelming majority of refugees want to go home to help rebuild their societies once the violence has stopped. As the single largest donor of humanitarian assistance the United States is a leader in supporting refugees and addressing causes of forced displacement.

The United States recognizes the extraordinary generosity of refugee-hosting countries and their local communities who support displaced persons. These countries offer an act of service to those suffering great hardship.

As we mark World Refugee Day, we will continue to aid those who have been forced from their homes, address the root causes of their displacement, and foster long-term solutions to humanitarian crises.

For more information please go to the Department of State official website. To read the Statement by Ambassador Nikki R. Haley on World Refugee Day, please click here.