Message for U.S. Citizens: Confech Demonstration

AP Images.

This Message is to alert U.S. citizens residing and traveling in Santiago that members of the Confederation of Students of Chile (CONFECH) will hold an authorized demonstration on Thursday, April 21, beginning at 10:30 a.m. in downtown Santiago.  Media reports indicate that CONFECH is planning to march from Plaza Baquedano towards Plaza Los Heroes passing through La Alameda.  The estimated number of participants is 20,000.

While the demonstration is authorized, even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence.  Local law enforcement recommends avoiding these areas during the march.  Generally, you should exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.  We advise you to monitor the media for the latest information on the location of the demonstration and be alert to your surroundings.

The U.S. Embassy strongly recommends that U.S. citizens traveling to or residing in Chile enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.  STEP enrollment gives you the latest security updates, and makes it easier for the U.S. embassy or nearest U.S. consulate to contact you in an emergency.  If you don’t have Internet access, enroll directly with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.