The United States Delivers Two Field Hospitals to Chile to Assist in Response to Coronavirus

Contribution, valued at $1,085,000, is part of the “All of America” approach in support of Chile’s response to the pandemic.

The United States government, through the United States Southern Command’s Humanitarian Assistance Program, delivered two field hospitals to reinforce the efforts made by the Undersecretariat of Assistance Networks in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, equivalent to an amount of more than $1 million. Each hospital is equipped with 40 beds, an electric generator, air conditioning and infrastructure to supply potable water. The U.S. Southern Command is delivering 24 field hospitals to 11 countries in the region to support government efforts to respond to the pandemic.

The delivery ceremony was held on Tuesday, December 22 at the Talagante Provincial Hospital and was attended by the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks Alberto Dougnac and the Charge d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, Richard Glenn, among other authorities.

The field hospitals were received in various shipments and a specialized team traveled from the United States to assist in their installation and commissioning.

“The United States has been a historical and reliable partner of Chile in disaster relief, and now more than ever we stand with you. We hope that these hospitals provide medical assistance to anyone who may need it. They are a strong sign of the friendship and cooperation between our countries, ”said Chargé d’Affaires Richard Glenn at the ceremony.

Through the “All of America” initiative, a public-private effort, the U.S. government and private sector in Chile have provided millions of dollars in support to individuals, communities, research centers, and Chilean government agencies to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

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