Thirteen Chilean Students Selected as Youth Ambassadors 2015

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The Youth Ambassador program in Chile is sponsored and financed by the Office of Education and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State through the U.S. Embassy in Santiago.

Thirteen Chilean students from public and semi-public schools belonging to different regions of the country were selected from a total of more than 250 candidates to represent Chile in the Youth Ambassadors Program in the United States.

The students, ages 15 to 17, will travel to the United States for three weeks where they will participate in an intensive program of cultural and tourist activities. The Youth Ambassadors will have the opportunity to learn more about U.S. society by living with a U.S. family, visiting schools and participating in social and volunteer activities.

The objective of the Youth Ambassadors program is to help talented students develop leadership qualities and civic responsibility, so they can grow into adults who are committed to their communities. Another aim is to promote mutual respect and tolerance amongst youth from different countries and from different ethnic and religious groups.

The Youth Ambassadors program in Chile is managed by World Learning and is sponsored and financed by the Office of Education and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State through the U.S. Embassy in Santiago. The Chilean students were chosen for their leadership qualities, community participation, academic achievements and their English skills.

Two adult counselors will travel with the students. The selection process for the counselor positions is currently underway. Aside from accompanying the Youth Ambassadors during the program, the counselors will also support the implementation of projects once the students return to their communities.

These are the students selected as Youth Ambassadores 2015:

  • Región de Arica, Arica: Martín Obreque, Arica College
  • Región de Antofagasta, Tocopilla: Brenda Sandoval, Colegio Sagrada Familia
  • Región de Coquimbo, La Serena: Consuelo Mejías, Colegio Santo Tomás
  • Región Metropolitana, Santiago: Sebastián Flores, Instituto Nacional José Miguel Carrera
  • Región Metropolitana, Santiago: Catalina García, Colegio Inglés Isaac Newton (San Bernardo)
  • Región Metropolitana, Santiago: Camila Leiva, Colegio El Bosque Provincia Cordillera (Puente Alto)
  • Región Metropolitana, Santiago: Carolina Villaseca, Colegio Santa María Reina (La Reina)
  • Región del Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins, Rancagua: Carolina Fuentes, Instituto Sagrado Corazón
  • Región del Biobío, Concepción: Dafne Arriagada, Colegio Santa Luisa
  • Región de la Araucanía, Nueva Imperial: Yamila Burgos, Colegio San Francisco de Asís de Nueva Imperial
  • Región de Los Ríos, Valdivia: Cristóbal Vivanco, Instituto Salesiano de Valdivia
  • Región de Los Lagos, Castro: Daniel Millaldeo, Colegio San Francisco de Asís
  • Región de Magallanes, Punta Arenas: Cristóbal Ampuero, Liceo San José

Mentores Adultos:

  • Región Metropolitana, Santiago: Carla Barra
  • Región de la Araucanía, Temuco: Jairo Hernández