Three Chilean Students Invited to IOA Summer Science Camp

The U.S. Embassy has invited three outstanding Chilean high school students to participate in the 2014 Summer Science and Innovation Camp offered by the prestigious Institute of the Americas.

The students invited are Elías Armando Labarca Correa from the Liceo Likan Antai in San Pedro de Atacama; and Daphnee Melanie Berríos Castro and Sara Valentina Esperanza Calderón Mora from the Eagles School in Santiago.  The Science Camp is intended for high school students ages 14 through 18.

This year’s camp program will be held from July 14th through the 25th on the University of California, San Diego campus.

IOA Science Camp

This year is the fifth that the annual Science and Innovation Summer Camp will take place. The Camp will host high school students from countries throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, and the U.S..

During the two-week residential camp at the Institute of the Americas, students will receive classroom and field instruction from accredited Spanish-speaking community college teachers. They will be given projects designed to help them understand the controversies and test scientific principles in the lab, and the camp will focus on innovation as students create and evaluate scientific and technological responses to climate change.

In addition to that, students will conduct experiments on ocean science, climate change, and energy conservation. They will test water samples brought from their own countries for arsenic and coliform bacteria. They will build solar cars and investigate advanced informative. Finally they will focus on how science can serve society, especially through innovation in Latin America in the areas of environment, climate change, and alternative energy.

Institute of the Americas 

The Institute of the Americas works with public and private sectors to encourage investment and information-sharing in energy and technology markets. The Institute brings together industry leaders, policy makers, and academics for discussions about business opportunities in the Western Hemisphere.

Founded in 1983, the institute focuses on Energy, Information and Communication Technology, and Professional Workshops in addition to community programs. The institute also organizes high-level conferences between leaders in order to strengthen ties to improve the quality of life in countries throughout the Americas. The Institute offers public workshops in addition to its summer science and innovation camps.