U.S.-Chile Executive Cyber Consultation

Media Note

Office of the Spokesperson

Washington, DC

September 18, 2018

Senior representatives from the United States and Chile participated in an Executive Cyber Consultation in Washington, D.C., August 23-24, 2018 to facilitate stronger bilateral cooperation on cyber issues, including government capacity to address emerging challenges and shared threats in cyberspace.

The two days of meetings focused on key cyber and internet policy topics, such as improving cybersecurity, including the protection of critical infrastructure, combatting cybercrime, and enhancing cyber defense. Officials also discussed recent developments in the field of international security in cyberspace and considered how to improve collaboration to deter malicious cyber activities more effectively. Additional discussions with the private sector emphasized the benefits of public-private partnership on cyber policy.

The text of the following joint statement was issued by the governments of the United States and Chile following the exchange.

Begin text:

The governments of the United States and Chile affirm their commitment to broadening and deepening bilateral cooperation to promote an open, interoperable, reliable, and secure global internet that supports innovation, economic growth and social development.

Both countries affirm the view that in cyberspace, just as elsewhere, states have a special responsibility to promote security and stability with other nations. Both governments further affirm that voluntary non-binding norms of state behavior in cyberspace during peacetime contribute to international cyber stability.

Both countries commit to work together to promote and develop the growing international consensus on a framework of responsible state behavior in cyberspace, and advance efforts within the Americas to build trusting partnerships among like-minded nations. Both countries further affirm the importance of cooperation among like-minded states to deter malicious cyber activity contrary to this framework.

The United States and Chile commit to continue close collaboration on cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, incident response, data protection, information and communication technology procurement, international security in cyberspace, and military and law enforcement cooperation by establishing strong channels for open communication about cyber issues of concern.

Mr. Robert Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cyber and International Communications and Information Policy at the U.S. Department of State, led the U.S. government interagency delegation. The U.S. side included senior representatives from the Department of State, the National Security Council, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Commerce.

Undersecretary of Defense Cristián de la Maza led the Chilean delegation. The Chilean delegation also included officials from the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the National Intelligence Agency, and the Ministry of Interior.

End text.

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