Emergency Financial Assistance

American citizens sometimes face emergencies while abroad. In most cases, family members or friends can send money directly to a U.S. citizen abroad through Western Union. If you do not have a photo ID, some Western Union agencies in Chile can disburse the money sent under your name with a copy of your ID and the respective police report or complaint. If this is not an option, the Embassy or Consulate can also receive money in your name and disburse it to U.S. citizens following a specific process that is detailed on the travel.state.gov website under the “Sending Money to Destitute US Citizens Overseas ”.

What can we do for you?

Americans who find themselves destitute in Chile may request the assistance of the Embassy/ Consulate to communicate with family or to return to the United States. Consular officers have no funds available for welfare services because the United States Congress does not provide funds to give or loan to United States citizens in need in foreign countries.

With your permission, the Embassy/Consulate can call your family and friends to explain how money can be sent to you from the United States.  You will need to complete a Privacy Act Waiver (DS-5505) first.  If no other resources are available, citizens can apply for a repatriation loan to purchase a one-way ticket directly back to the United States. In these cases citizens will have to sign a promissory note agreeing to repay the loan to the United States Government.

If you need to return to the United States and do not have the means to do so, we can also help you. It is a long process so it is recommended to make an appointment or contact the Consular Section before visiting us.

For more information on Emergency Financial Assistance for US Citizens Abroad, please review the Department of State website.