Under age 18- Chile exit requirements

Chilean Exit Requirements for Minors Under Age 18

Departure checklist:

  1. U.S. passport
  2. Chilean passport (if applicable)
  3. Notarized permission from non-traveling parent(s)
  4. Child’s birth certificate

NOTE:  If child is not a Chilean national, an apostilled birth certificate from the country of the child’s birth must be presented. 

Important notice to dual national citizens: Please note that it is likely that your child acquired Chilean citizenship if your child was born in Chile, or born outside of Chile to at least one Chilean parent. In that case, your child will need to have a valid Chilean passport at the time of travel in addition to the U.S. passport.  Chilean passports are issued by the Chilean Civil Registry and Identification Service.

Chilean law mandates that all minors under age 18 must have a notarized travel consent letter from the non-traveling parent(s) when traveling alone or in the company of only one parent.  The notarized consent letter must be presented to Chilean International Police with the child’s birth certificate and passport(s) when departing Chile.  The child’s birth certificate must be presented to International Police even when traveling with both parents to establish the relationship. Any questions regarding this issue should be directed to the Chilean International Police.  This requirement applies to all minors living in Chile, regardless of the child’s nationality.

Minors under age 18 in tourist status in Chile

Children under age 18 visiting Chile must depart the country in the company of the same adult they entered the country with.  If not, they will be required to have a notarized travel consent letter signed by both parents and birth certificate.

The notarized travel consent letter and birth certificate will also be required for a child whose 90-day tourist visa expired during the visit, even if the child is in possession of the exit permit issued by the Chilean immigration office.

Any questions regarding this issue should be directed to the Chilean International Police office.