Replace a Damaged Passport

Depending on how damaged or mutilated your passport is, you will apply on a DS-11 or a DS-82 form.

If the biographical information is obliterated or the passport photo is unrecognizable, you will apply on a DS-11 form.

If the biographic data and photograph are legible, intact, and identifiable you may apply on Form DS-82.

The consular officer will determine which application is acceptable in your specific case after inspecting the damaged or mutilated passport.  We recommend you complete both forms before you arrive on the appointment date.

Documents to Submit:
  1. Form DS 11. or DS 82, depending on the case. You can print the form from the Department’s public facing e-Forms webpage to ensure you are using the latest version. Search the form number in the search box at the top of the main page (DS-0011 or DS-0082). The form is accessible online using Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer) to open the link.
    • Print out and write legibly in block letters.
    • All applications must be filled out in black ink.
    • Box No. 5 on application: Social Security Number is a mandatory field.  What if I don’t have a SSN? Note: If you have a social security number but do not provide it on the form, you will only be issued a limited-validity passport.
    • Box No. 8: The Mailing Address must be a local, Chilean address. Hotel addresses are acceptable.
    • Please print one-sided.
    • Remember to sign the application.
  2. Current U.S. passport and a photocopy.
  3. One passport photograph.
  4. Valid Photo ID and a photocopy of this ID document.
  5. A signed statement about the circumstances in which your passport was damaged or mutilated.
  6. Pre-paid, self-addressed DHL airway bill. (If unable to pick up passport product within five days.)

See the following link for additional documentation in case you are applying for a minor under 16.

Note: A passport that is issued to replace a damaged or mutilated passport may be limited in validity.

Passport processing takes at least 5-7 weeks, so please keep this timeframe in mind and plan your travel accordingly.

Consular Fees
  •  If using a DS-11 form, under age 16-  $135.00 USD
  • If using a DS-11 form, over age 16-    $165.00 USD
  • If using a DS-82 form-  $130.00 USD

Payment methods:

  • Cash (U.S. dollars or Chilean pesos) or credit card. The credit card holder must be present with identification to use a credit card.
  • We do not take debit cards (Redcompra) or personal checks.

Important, the person whose name is on the credit/debit card must be present. Some debit cards, such as from Banco del Estado, cannot be processed because these cards may not accept payments in U.S. dollars.

Retrieval Process:

A notification email will be sent informing you that the new passport product is ready for pick up. No appointment will be needed in order to do so.

  • In person pick-up: Bring receipt showing payment
  • Representative pick-up: Bring receipt showing payment and signed simple letter from applicant granting that authority.
  • DHL Home Delivery Service: To take advantage of the home delivery service you must:
    – Have your current passport cancelled at the time of your interview
    – Bring DHL Airway Bill (AWB) to appointment

How to obtain DHL (AWB): You may request your DHL AWB by email or in person

1. By Email: Request your DHL Airway bill by sending an email to CL.POS.SANTIAGO@DHL.COM .
• On the subject line write “Ciudadano Americano” and your full name.
• In the body of the email Include the information below

Origen: Embajada de Estados Unidos.
Dirección Origen: Andres Bello 2800,
Las Condes, Santiago
Fono Origen 56- 2 2330-3000

Nombre de contacto: (your name)
Ciudad de destino: (city for final delivery)
Destino/Dirección: (your address)
fono contacto: (your phone number)
e-mail contacto: (your email address)

DHL will provide a quote and instructions to do a Transferencia.

2. In Person: You may also purchase your airbill in person at the nearest DHL office. Please tell the DHL staff that you are pre-paying for a U.S. Passport Service (Guía Aérea para Pasaporte Estadounidense).

Delivery fees depend on the delivery destination. Please contact DHL for more information.

Note:  Passport products must be delivered in a timely manner or be destroyed per U.S. Law.   Should a passport product be destroyed due to delayed delivery, a new application process must be started, to include new appointment, new application forms, and a new payment of all applicable fees.


Schedule your Appointment

Each family member seeking a passport service requires an individual appointment.  Please schedule your appointment on-line at your convenience when your application package is ready.

Once you have scheduled your appointment, a confirmation page will pop up on your screen.  You must print the confirmation page and bring it with you to facilitate your entrance to the Embassy.

Please schedule your appointment on-line.

Each family member seeking a passport service requires an appointment.

You can schedule online at your convenience when you have gathered the required documents.

Once you have scheduled your appointment, your confirmation page will pop up on your screen.  You must print this confirmation page and bring it with you to facilitate your entrance.