Emergency Websites

Chile is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape. However, it is very prone to natural disasters. Some of the most common include earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, forest fires and landslides. During your stay in Chile, it is important to keep informed and stay prepared. Please remember to exercise caution, monitor news reports and heed government warnings while you are here. Below you will find a list of resources to assist in keeping you safe.

General Disaster Preparedness:

In Chile, the National Office for Emergencies (ONEMI) maintains a website (in Spanish) which advises of all national emergencies and offers specific recommendations for disaster preparedness.

The website also contains downloadable recommendations for certain disasters in English:

In order to obtain up to the minute information during a disaster, please check the Twitter feed for (ONEMI):

If you are along the coast directly following an earthquake, there may be a tsunami warning. For a complete list of tsunami evacuation routes, please visit the following link:

For Specific Alerts related to Natural Disasters, please check the following websites:

If you need to contact area specific Search and Rescue agencies, below you will find a list of Spanish language websites: