U.S., U.K. and Chile Commemorate 200th Anniversary of Battle of Valparaiso

group of officials on a ship
U.S., U.K., and Chilean officials honored and remembered the fallen in the Naval Battle of March 28, 1814

On March 28, U.S., British, and Chilean officials headed two ceremonies marking the 200th anniversary of the Naval Battle that took place in the Valparaiso Bay in 1814.

U.S. Ambassador to Chile Michael Hammer, British Ambassador Fiona Clouder, and Chilean Navy Captain Andres Rodrigo –on behalfof Commander of the Chilean Navy’s First Naval Zone Rear Admiral Julio Leiva- presented floral offerings at the site of the Naval Battle.

Following the wreath-laying at sea, they rendered military honors at the Cemetery of Dissidents.

In 1814, during the War of 1812 between the United States and the United Kingdom, U.S. Navy’s USS Essex and USS Essex Junior and the British Navy’s HMS Phoebe and HMS Cherub fought in the Bay of Valparaiso.  The U.S. forces, under the command of Captain David Porter were defeated and led to some 57 U.S. dead and 32 missing in action.

The U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, D.C. has donated historical texts and images of the battle to the Chilean Navy.