UNL Professor Shares Experiences on Drone Journalism

group with a drone
Matt Waite was keynote speaker at the seminar “Drones in Journalism, Innovation and Technology” organized by the University of Concepción.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications professor of practice Matt Waite and founder of the Drone Journalism Lab visited Concepcion, October 19-23 to share his experiences with students and faculty.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Matt Waite for PolitiFact.com, the website that judges the truthfulness of politician’s statements, was keynote speaker at the seminar “Drones in Journalism, Innovation and Technology.”   The session was organized by the University of Concepción’s schools of Aerospatiale Civil Engineering and of Journalism, and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Chile.

During his visit, Professor Waite also helped teach a class of journalism and aerospace engineering students who have been working and learning alongside each other about drones and their benefits for journalism.  He also spoke to a class in the Master’s Program on Digital Communication.

This was Waite’s second trip to Chile. The first was for a series of speaking engagements about online fact checking and PolitiFact.

Before joining the CoJMC faculty, Waite was the senior news technologist for the St. Petersburg Times. Before becoming a web developer, he was an award-winning investigative reporter for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and St. Petersburg Times. In 2009, he founded Hot Type Consulting, a company that builds applications for media outlets.