Medical Exam Instructions

Medical Examination Instructions

Please contact the following panel physician, for your medical examination.

 Dr. Walter Passalacqua

Maria Luisa Santander 0281

(Metro Estación Baquedano)

Tel: 2204-7071 / 2225-3891

Cel: 56-9-5-696-0421


Monday through Friday

From 12:00pm

 Fees for Medical Exams

The fees of the physician that are indicated below are an agreement with this Embassy:


General physical exam and blood work, x-rays……..: CLP: 120.000 approx.

Mandatory Gonorrhea testing:   Not Included

Fee may vary if additional vaccinations are required.


General physical

(Under the age of 15)…………….CLP: 60.000 approx.

Fee may vary if additional vaccinations are required.

 When visiting the panel physician you must take the following with you:

  • Passport type photos/Photos Tipo Pasaporte
  • Vaccination Card/ Carnet de Vacunas
  • Appointment Letter/ Carta con cita
  • Forms for medical examination/Formulario Médico
  • Valid passport that you will travel with/ Pasaporte vigente

Keep in mind that your medical examination must be ready for your interview date.


The panel physician may require additional testing to be performed, these fees are not included above

Therefore, these fees must be paid by the intending immigrant. This may delay your appointment.