Medical Exam Instructions

Medical Examination Instructions

Please make an appointment for one of the following panel physicians for your medical examination:

Dr Lili Moraga or Dr. Patricio Cespedes
CENTRO MEDICO ALCANTARA (only in this center)
Apoquindo 3990 3ª piso Office 305
Las Condes
This is just by Metro Alcántara. There is parking in the basement of the building and on the street round the back of the building.

Making Appointment:
The appointments MUST be made only in Centro Medico Alcantara at least 7 days prior to the interview at the embassy.
The best way to book is on-line at There is also a call centre for booking appointments 22676 7000.

All inquiries can be made via email to Ms. Diaz, our clinical administrator at

After making an appointment, Ms. Diaz will contact you asking you to send  the following for each person:
Complete Name
Address in Chile
Mobile phone number
Case number (starting with SNT)
CEAC bar code (staring with AA)
Copy of passport in pdf
Passport photo with white background <500mb (just taken with your mobile phone)
Date of interview at embassy

Fees for Medical Exams
The fees of the physician that are indicated below are an agreement with this Embassy:


General physical exam: CLP 70.000
Blood work, x-rays CLP: 181.000

QuantiFERON Tuberculosis test if required: CLP 179.000

Fees for vaccinations are not included.



General physical exam (Under the age of 15): CLP 70.000
Blood work, x-rays CLP: 181.000 (may vary for children under 15)

QuantiFERON Tuberculosis test if required: CLP 179.000

Fees for vaccinations are not included.


When visiting the panel physician, you must take the following with you:

  • Vaccination Card/ Carnet de Vacunas
  • Valid passport that you will use for travel.
  • Spectacles for long distance vision if used.
  • Only for certain visas (K1, Diversity/Lottery)
    • Forms for medical examination
    • A large A4 envelope
    • 5 Photos

Keep in mind that your medical examination must be ready for your interview date. To complete your medical file in eMedical will take approximately 7 days.
The panel physician may require additional testing to be performed and this may delay the completion of your medical file. The fees for additional testing are not included above.